Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I need your HELP!

Hello again friends,

Yousaytoo, a revenue sharing community, launch it's Holiday Dream Gift contest. Wherein bloggers should post an entry regarding what $1000 dream gift they want. The contest closed last January 31, and the top 30 blogs were selected already. I posted my entry last January 3, on my Simple Pero Rock blog.

Thanks to God and to my supporters I am part of the top 30 blogs.

From today (February 2) until February 9, supporters of the respective blogs should vote.  There will be Top 10 blogs,  wherein the top one will receive his/her dream gift, and the other 9 will receive a cool item that they choose on yousaytoo's list.

Now, I am begging seeking for your support .You will help me win this contest and at the same time it will make me and my son happy on our special day.  I just need your votes, or I can say just THREE Clicks from you.

1. Click Here to open Yousaytoo website 

2. Click the "Rate It" Icon near my Site's name, just like in the picture below:


3. Scroll down a little, and click the "Rate It" icon just below the Laptop picture.

If you have extra time, you can read my entry and leave your comments.

Thank you in advance for your supports. I will appreciate it a lot.

Oh, you can also join the yousaytoo, it's a great way to promote your site, gain additional readers and followers, extra revenue from your blog.

I also wish for the best to my fellow bloggers who are part of the top 30: levy, melandria, grace, sam, kaye


  1. Hope you win, treat me if you do!! Hehehe! just joking have a nice day

  2. Ok I will try to vote you on yousaytoo. Anyway Cngratulations if you will win the contest

  3. i wasn't a member back then :D sorry

  4. now with more followers you can try again if got such contest

  5. I need help to earn points but looks like I am on my own.

  6. oh kaye also I don't know as I seldom login check


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