Friday, February 26, 2010

The Secret of BC Blogger

Most of you know that I am a working mom. I have a 9-6 work and when I get home I still need to do some household chores. Though, I still try to do some blog hopping, good thing Paula had this great idea, the BC Bloggers:


Here at BC Blogger’s Secret we don’t have to BEG for links.

Here at BC Blogger’s Secret all the people you will meet are willing to exchange links with you.

Here at BC Blogger’s Secret the steps are so FAST and EASY.

Here at BC Blogger’s Secret you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

I have the links already, and you can see it by clicking Lovely Links on the navigation bar or on my sidebar.


  1. ate red!!!congratsssssss!!yer my TC (top commenter) for February..ul receiv free ad space in my side bar for the whole month of march..

    hope u wont stop commenting!!!

    happy blogging!

    Walking Newspaper
    Pinoy Medical Doctor

  2. wow grabe sana ako din maging top commenterr ano ehehehe

  3. yeah I am happy to be part of BC bloggers

  4. about work 9-6pm I remember my job is not like that because bos ask to work long hours no OT paid

  5. never take a part of BC blogger maybe when i have time

  6. yeah bc blogger many blogger know it now


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