Friday, March 26, 2010

In need of the Perfect Eyeglasses

Few years back I've always thought I have a perfect vision. I can see the sign boards of buses even at night, there was no problem when I watched movies or just the television. Things change, everything started to get blurry, whenever I watch the television I want to be near it but I would always ignore it.

One family outing, I borrowed the glasses of my brother's girlfriend so we can sing along the videoke. That's the time I realized that I really need to get a good eyeglass for me. I would compare reading the lines when I don't have the glasses or when I have the glasses, of course when I wear it, I can read better.

That's why I decided to consult a doctor and he advice to get an eyeglass for me. I was able to get used to wearing eyeglasses. Now, that I work in an office and do a lot of online stuffs,  I am front of the computer for about 12 hours, it would be really difficult if I don't have my eye glasses. Every thing and every one would be blurry.  Just recently, my glasses fell, and a small portion of the glass broke. Though I can still use it, but it won't look good. I need a new eye glasses ASAP, it is really difficult for me if I don't have it.  Now, I am in search of a high quality but affordable eyeglass.


  1. pls update your adgitize widget:)

  2. I need eyeglasses for driving, prefer the sunglasses type

  3. i need eye glasses as well. but right now i cannot afford to buy it

  4. my eye glasses no good any more I no buy new one as was told I don't need


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