Monday, March 29, 2010

Some payments

In the middle of this March, I decided to be more active with my online earnings. I've signed up to new money making programs, and I checkout some task with my existing programs. I am also back to posting in forums and clicking ads. Yes, I am still clicking ads and I managed to have three small payments last week. For me, this small payments is not a waste of time, because I do the clicking while posting to other sites. I got payment from Clicksia, Incentria, and HKbuzz. All Aurora type PTC.

I also withdrew $1 from a HYIFund, this is just from the free investment I got last year. And they are still offering free investment, just click here for details.

As you can see, the - $30.35 is the amount I've sent to paymanila, so I can pay my Smart billing. What is paymanila? Find out here.


  1. i would love to learn how to earn more money online. so i will be checking every post you've made red

  2. wow that is great you get some payments

  3. me too. i am eager to earn more and every post u made is help

  4. I like to see payment in email but then sad as need use them to pay other things


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