Monday, March 8, 2010

tick..tick...tick... Few Days Left!

Yup, only 10 days left before K & Pehpot's Blogversary Contest.

The prizes:

And once again, I am inviting everyone to JOIN!!! 

You just need to complete 5 steps in order to qualify for this contest:

1.  Copy the codes HERE and post it in your blog 
2. Post a comment HERE, stating that you blogged about the contest
3. Copy another codes HERE and post it in your blog
4. Post a comment HERE, stating that you have a new blog for the sponsors
5. Post a comment HERE, stating that redamethyst(it's me) referred you to the contest

After completing those 4 very simple steps you are already qualified for the contest.

By doing the fifth step you helped me gain 50 points that's why I will giving you one month 125x125 advertising space for FREE!!!  And also if you are an Entrecard member, I'll give you 1000 EC credits! Just comment here, the user name you used and your links to you blog posts

Thank you so much!

See, it's like hitting two birds with one stone! JOIN now!


  1. Sis I already joined this last january pa yata on their 9th spot kaya lang hirap magreview :)

  2. Hopefully you're be the winner.
    I am support !!

  3. Hi Red, got everything in order & followed all steps. You have my support. Check it out.

    Regards, Papa Sez

  4. Hello sis, I would love to help you out on this. But it requires a lot of time to get qualified. Can I just endorse this link in one of my upcoming post?

    Thanks Thanks!

  5. Red, I joined and here's my other blog:

    Hope you also win.

  6. Hello Red, I just joined the contest, as you said. :)

  7. @liz, butterfly, papasez, thanks for joining, banners places, text link placed, and EC credits sent. good luck to you also

  8. I also joined this contest, but I only managed to review the major sponsors. Super busy! I hope you get to take home one of the prizes. By the way, thanks for dropping by my site. I hope we can also exchange links. Have a great day!

  9. red, sorry for my late reply! don worry, i'm going to post the major sponsors and write your name as referral as well ... ;)
    btw, when is the deadline?

  10. grabe, ang dami mo palang friends dito sa blogosphere red, ang dami mong na kalap na mg join :D

  11. i join this but didn't get to work hard because of hectic time

  12. yeah this contest really take up lots of my time


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