Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New sites I joined

Gojini Buzz is like a social networking site, also similar to twitter. You follow people, get your own followers, post some updates, links, images or videos, and your followers will see the updates. This is not a paying site, I joined this because this is a task in one of the paying sites. I'm just sharing it with you, if you want to get additional exposure to your affiliate links. Also, they are giving out $10 to three members who will have the most number of followers / post. So, if you have a spare time, do join and follow me. :D

Kalutasan - you can ask question, and answer question. For every answer you get on your question you will earn $0.01 and for every answer you post you earn $0.01. For every question you post $0.01 will be deducted to your account.  Upon signing up you will get $1.00. Pays you through paypal when you reach $15. Quite easy right? I've searched and search trying to find payment proof for this site.. yeah, I'm not successful, so far all the info I got is that they are having problems with the site because of the theft system. Theft system is you can steal a maximum of 5 times per day. You can be robbed a maximum of 5 times per day. You can rob a user maximum 5 times per day. You can rob only 50% of the money a user has. You need to have atleast the same amount of money as you are trying to rob from a user. Who would want to work hard and in the end your earnings will be robbed by other lazy members. quite annoying, right? You can join at your own risk. heheh :D :D. Good Luck


  1. ahahaha joining at your own risk :D its like investing in a stock market right? LOL

  2. theft system I don't like that.


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