Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What to do with Liberty Reserve money?

You are all aware that I am trying my luck with the HYIPs. Some times it's good some times its not, but I was already able to accumulate some money at LR. So the question now is, what would I do with that money? Unlike Paypal and/or Alertpay, you can not transfer your money from Liberty Reserve to your bank. You can withdraw (redeem) value from your Liberty Reserve account by using any number of independent exchange providers listed on the Liberty Reserve website. Exchange providers are not affiliated with Liberty Reserve and your dealings with them are at your own risk. But with user in the Philippines (like me) I availed the service of Paymanila so my LR money can be used.

I've been using Paymanila Services for a year already, and their service is excellent and quick. This is the first time I will be using my Liberty Reserve money to pay my bill with Smart cellphone. It's so easy. Just go to PayBill Section and fill up a form like this:

you will see how much money you need to transfer to Pay Manila's account. After transfer of money, just submit the form and you will see a confirmation.

Wait for a few minutes, Paymanila will process your request and he will give you your transaction code. I always do this while Paymanila representative is online. Usual time would be Morning: 7am to 9am
Evening: 6pm to 9pm, but they are so accomodating that even during lunch time, they accomodated my request :)


  1. great! i would like to try HYIP but am scared that i won't be able to use the money.
    thanks for the info. more power.

  2. ako din takot kasi ako mg sign up baka di ko rin ma withdraw ahahaha

  3. ako din takot kasi ako mg sign up baka di ko rin ma withdraw ahahaha

  4. this is nice but not available for me

  5. I am not sure how many pinay using their services

  6. is nice to know this open for pinay.

  7. Paymanila is really cool, and their service is quick, as in, promise.


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