Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Listen to Careless Whispers

A blog review for Careless Whispers as entry to Kaye and Pehpot’s Contest.

Careless Whispers is a blog of Grace. This is not my first visit from this site, but since it is one of the third level sponsors of  K & Pehpot's Contest, I decided to do a review for this blog. The site's layout is quite simple, except for the colorful background courtesy of scrap-e-blog. It has two columns on which the sidebar has many ads. I'm not really satisfied with the way the side bar look, archives, labels and profile are missing. But this didn't stop me from getting to know Grace. She is a mother of three kids (hope I get it right) and she returned home in the Philippines after three years of being separated from her kids. I learned that this woman have a very soft spot, she even donated a small amount to buy a medicine of garbage scavenger's child. Though she has a soft spot, she is also brave especially when it comes to her kids, like what happened on that Unlucky Day. Aside from personal stories she have, her posts are very informative, you can get a lot of tips on different things in life, spotting a liar would be easier now after reading her post. Visit Careless Whispers today and discover lots of things.


  1. para lang yung scandal ni Hayden Kho no? ahahha careless whisper peor mas nauna ata itong blog niya

  2. 3 years separate with children is a long time.

  3. wow 3 years is long time and thats so sad

  4. wow mother of three kids, today I see most parent with one or two kids


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