Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Blog Review: Life Can't Wait

Life Can't Wait is a blog authored by Marice. She is a sexy wife, and a loving mom. I was wondering why this site was titled as Life can't wait, is she always in a hurry? Upon reading her subtitle "Life is a series of experiences so live life as if everything is a miracle" made me understand why. She is right everyday is a miracle. Marice is an active participant of different weekly meme such as Wordless Wednesday, Ruby Tuesday, Mommy Moments and some others. With this memes, she shares her different experiences in life as a mother and as a wife. You can see pictures of them happily bonding together. She shares different pictures too, even food pictures that looks really delicious and mouthwatering making you want it. As she said, weekend is for her family, so you might not find her on the blogosphere in those days. :D

The floral background is very feminine. Her template is clean, with big sidebar and two mini side bar plus a three column footer. The widgets are placed nicely with some ads, blog roll, meme badges and some affiliations.  With a page rank of 4, Life Can't Wait deserves your visit, don't make her wait. hehehe.

This blog review is an entry for My Thoughts, My Heart, My Turf's blogversary contest.


  1. grabe, pati kay bambie na contests, review ng review pa rin :D

  2. wow page rank 4 that is good :D

  3. i wish magkapagerank 4 din ako.

  4. I like food pictures they just make me hungry.


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