Monday, March 15, 2010

Back to Earning Money Online

I've been a little lazy for the past months, been so busy managing my cafe. (at facebook) hahaha. But I just realized that I need more money in real life, so I decided to get back with my quest to earn online. So there will be more update here on what new sites I joined for trial, or sites that paid me already. Or just about anything in earning online. I would also try to look for more opportunity on my blog.

To start with, I already posted something again at Morachat, since this site is really prompt in payment. For the benefit of those who don't know what Morachat is, it is a paid to post forum, wherein members get credit of up to $0.02 per posts. They have a wide range of topic, and moderators are very visible that would always check the member's post quality.  I already received a total of 5 payments from this site, to see a payment proof you can click here. I am already almost 75% of the minimum payout which is $9, hopefully, by the end of the month, I can request for a cash out. I am hoping that I can request cash out from this site every month. *fingers crossed*


  1. good for u...d ko na na open acct ko s morachat...if ur a little lazy, im super lazy haha...

  2. Same with me, I have been addicted playin FV and Cafeworld...

  3. oh my, kung mabilis sana internet ko pwede ako dito, para lang bang mylot?

  4. I am so lazy no play the fb games anymore. I wonder how my fish.

  5. i have never join paid to post in forum

  6. sis how you have time for all this?


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