Friday, March 19, 2010

I accepted a Job

Last week, I received a text message from some one asking if I want to be a Moderator in a site that she owns. I was hesitant at first because I am not active in her site anymore. I just visit it from time to time and yet I rarely post not like before when I was new to her site. I was so honored that even though my hiatus from her site, Juliet still considered me to be one of her Moderator. That's why I accepted it. And I am happy I did. I just love posting in forums and meeting new people. The difference of her forum, which is called, is that it is open to individuals who want to meet friends from different country, and much more, they aim to be a place where single men / women meet the love of their life. Of course, Married people like me are also welcome. So, if you are fond of forums, and love to meet friends from around the world, do drop by this great site and join for free. Oh and don't worry, posts are well moderated and we don't tolerate vulgar words. :D



  1. Congratz Red mind if I join..wag na lang baka majelly muffins pa asawa

  2. paalam ka nalang kay hubby. sobrang mabait naman ang mga tao dun :D

  3. Red, can you please inform Juliet that my smartbro is down and they're taking a long time replacing my equipment. I'm still trying to look for a more reliable connection.

    Thanks a bunch!!

  4. wow galing naman. magkano naman magpa-moderate ng forum?

  5. cool... sige ma try nga itong forum na ito

  6. wow nice you are moderator in forum :D

  7. want to give it a shot to join this

  8. I am happy you got a job, how is the pay?

  9. @mary rose great idea go try out.


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