Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Good luck to my Husband

Tonight my husband will come home late because it is their try out for their up coming sportsfest. His sports is Basketball. He loves playing basketball, actually he have a game every Tuesday which I also enjoy watching. There are several players who will be trying out later, and I think they will just pick about 6 - 10 people since some players have already taken the spot. I do hope he will be picked by the head coach. He wanted to play in their sportsfest.

Among all sports, I like watching basketball. Here in the Philippines, it is a very popular sports and some would even have bets on this game. In my husband's games, their opponent would want a bet sometimes, its just a small amount at stake. For popular games like PBA, sports watcher would have their own betting game. Have you ever heard "ending"? It is a local sport bets, where in you will choose what would be the end of ending result of the game scores. :D :D. I see a lot of people betting on this, since it is very easy, just give your gueses, like 2-1, or 6-4, something like that, just pay for a small price and you'll have a chance to win. I don't really try in this sort of betting. I am not really lucky with it.

How about you have you tried "ending"?


  1. hi sis, we already have a winner - sherry from Sherry ramblings and this is her ec account -

    thank you so much again.

  2. Good luck to him and enjoy watching. I like to watch but not bet, it's easier to make money in the computer and it's more of a sure thing.

  3. wow great he likes sports my dear not

  4. my mom likes to bet but she also seldom win in bet

  5. my dear not into sport, we supposed go park today but he lazy

  6. I like see sport but taking part not really


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