Monday, April 5, 2010

Page Rank Update

I was checking my earnings for the first quarter last week, and I am not so happy with the results. I am really, really lazy for the first quarter. I'll post my little earnings later, so it will serve as a reminder for me that I shouldn't be lazy.  So, I hope this quarter would be more productive for me when it comes to online earnings. I hope to get more opportunities and I hope I can manage my time well. And to help me with my plan, google update the page rank already and I am so  happy to see that this site increased it's rank.

As Sam said, this means more opps. yippeeee...which also means more $$$$.  Sam, has been really helpful for me and she is one great mommy blogger, don't forget to visit her sites.

My other blogs, Simple pero Rock & Contest & Giveaway Craze has Page rank 2. This is a very nice way to start the second quarter of the year. Now, I don't have any reasons to be lazy. Got my page ranks already, so it's up to me whether I will prioritize my cafe or my opportunity. hhehehe. I need discipline and time management.


  1. Congrats with your page rankings! How exactly did you do this? I'm a newbie blogger and would love to increase my page rank

  2. congrats and hopefully another increase in ranking the next update!

  3. congrats red! and thanks for ur support on my upcoming contest! nilista na kita para walang bawian...hehe...

  4. hello, congrats for having pr 3....Keep it up!

  5. wow, ito pala yung sinabi mo na PR3 ang blogspot mo, congrats red:)

  6. my page rank I not check yet for all my blogs

  7. just check my page rank on other blogs zero


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