Friday, April 16, 2010

More on Bambie's Contest Sponsor

Better late than never, so the cliche goes. That's why Bambie's so happy to announce the latest, well actually the last, sponsor for her contest. Who is it? Kizuna. Who or what is Kizuna? Kizuna is the Japanese term for ties and bonding. The blog owner, Clarissa, is a Filipina married to a Japanese and living, naturally, in Japan. Her blog is basically her outlet and this is where she writes about her family, her children and practically everything that's related to being a wife, a mother and a woman. She's kind enough to sponsor make-up goodies for this contest!☺

Another sponsor who deserves special mention since Bambie failed to include her link in earlier posts is

  • Babies and Contests. Ria will gladly sponsor 2000 EC credits and 1 month AD space in her high ranking blog.☺


    1. thanks for the visit. till next time.

    2. Thanks for the support,Red!Really appreciate this^_^

    3. is nice to know another blogger :D

    4. oo ng, grabe to the max support ni red :D sana makahanap tlaga ako ng kaibigan na totoo sa blogging. kasi wla pa masyado ako kilala

    5. blogging is fun and get to take part in contest

    6. i love blogging and contest. i visit kuzina not too long ago and found it nice

    7. @mary rose I also love blogging and contest


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