Friday, April 16, 2010

Silver Prices Go Up and Down

Silver investors and traders have watched as the silver prices have continued to go up, up and hopefully not away as the price of silver reached the $18.50 mark not too long ago. Experts believe that the next step for the price of silver, once it surpasses the $18.50 point, is heading straight to $18.90. As of April 16, however, once gold prices tripped a little, silver prices followed—taking silver for May delivery down by 76 cents, which is a 4.1-percent loss leaving it at $17.67 an ounce.

'''The Future of Silver Prices'''

Barclay Capital responded to the drop in gold prices and silver prices by saying, "In contrast, positive macroeconomic data alongside our expectations for the dollar to strengthen towards the end of the first half of 2010 is likely to weigh on gold and silver prices." The Barclay Capital statement may have a ring of truth since that is precisely is what happened to silver prices—down the silver prices went.

An analyst at GFMS, Philip Newman, predicts that silver may be the one out of the white metal family that pulls out ahead in the race. Silver coins have been playing a stronger role in the markets than gold coins in the United States, with silver coins in the U.S. mint selling at a 26-percent higher rate than gold coins in the first quarter of 2010. Philip Newman went on to say that if the economy starts to recover and comes out of the recession, this will not necessarily drive the prices of silver up, but it will act as support for stronger prices. It is also believed that if inflation hits the U.S. economy that investors are more than likely to go back to investing in gold once again.


  1. yeah silver price up and down but still gold still on the top

  2. lahat naman siguro ng metal tumataas ang presyo :D

  3. I dont have silver so far but I am wearing a gold ring

  4. i dont like much wearing silver. i prefer to have gold lol

    gold goes up right

  5. @mary rose yeah gold is nice colour :D hehe.. I like gold too.


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