Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tips for Choosing Kid's Clothing

Purchasing kid's clothing can be a daunting task for parents—they grow so fast! It seems like they grow inches and pounds overnight. You often have thoughts such as “Didn’t I just buy that dress a week ago?" or perhaps, “Why are your jeans up above your ankles? We just got those for you last month.”

Shopping for kids clothing can still be considered fun! You get to choose from clothing collections that could make adults jealous. But be sure to buy clothing that is suitable for the younger set. This means kids clothing that are easily put on and taken off. Wide necks and stretchable materials are particular good features to look for. Zippers are better than buttons, especially for infants and toddlers. This will avoid any possibility of your youngster swallowing a loose button.

Even though you may be tempted to purchase kids clothing a few sizes too large, this may lead to problems. Your child could trip and fall on clothing that is too large. Also look for clothing that makes your child comfortable. You may want to see your little girl all dressed up in silk and satin, but it is not suitable for everyday activities. Cottons are good for all-season kids clothing. And fleece and wool are great cold weather choices.

To help economize when purchasing your kid's clothing wardrobe here are few tips:
- Off season sales are a great time to purchase. You can find discounts as high as 50% to 70% off.
- Buy ensembles and pieces that can be “mixed and matched.” A few integral pieces will enable you to have many different outfits, and neutral colored pants, skirts, and shorts will help when matching with tops.
- Use online shopping resources. You can find quality and design in a full-range of kids clothing lines at numerous sites.


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  2. kids cloth can buy bigger as they grow fast!

  3. tama ka red, ang galing mo talaga na nanay :)

  4. good idea on the mix and match :D

  5. kapag ako bumibili nang clothes for my daughter, i always make sure its fit or malaki nang konti.

  6. @mary rose nice know you shop pretty clothes for her :D


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