Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Text Ad Exchange Sites

Many of the bloggers are finding ways to advertise their site in a minimal cost. I have already mentioned here another way of advertising your site is through Text Ad Exchange Sites. I have not been active here for quite some time already but lately I decided to advertise this site again, anyway this is just for free?

FREE?!? Yes, it's just free and all you have to do is sign up and use the promo codes and you can get Free Hot links, Free Traffic link sites, banner ads, button ads and sometimes even Solo Ads. Solo ads are ads that is sent direct to the members email address. Upon clicking the different advertising ads you also gain points that you can again use for your own advertising.

I recently joined two sites, One is Solo Dragon Ads and the other one is Adz-R-us.

If you want to get the free advertising packages use the promo code "Dragon" for solo dragon ads and "newmember" for Adz-R-us, by setting it up on the advertising page.


  1. Yes text ad exchange is good and it works.

    The most exciting is that it's FREE.

    Alright , for those want to get more traffic without spending any single cent , just go to FREE ad service.. like this one :

    i1 Ad - Free Ad Services

    it's FREE but it works very effective.

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  3. this is free will check out when I am free

  4. wow thats sound good, i might check it out and try

  5. @mary rose yeah go try out when you have time :D


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