Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Filipino Talent

Last Sunday, Pilipinas Got talent aired it's last show for the audition round. This was the last Filipino who wish to grab the top prize for Pilipinas Got Talent. They are family of talented singers. What I hate about this is that the judges already pressed their buzzers because they are already convinced that this family have the talent to move on the second round. They didn't let them finish their presentation. As the hosts said it was the first time that the judges was convinced that easy. I am looking forward to their next performance.

Watch this video I got on youtube and be amazed how this brothers and sisters are so talented. Enjoy


  1. ako din, Pinoy ako, kaso wala akong talent :D minsan naisip ko di ko lang tlaga inexplore

  2. I know they maybe more talent in Filipino they just need to find them


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