Friday, April 9, 2010

Third Adgitize Payment

I advertised my Personal blog in the last week of February and ran for one month. This March I was able to earn $11.28 and I earned a little from January and February, so Adgitize paid me the other day.

What is so nice with Adgitize is that, you pay $14 a month for an advertisement and it increases your blog traffic and boost your alexa ranking and at the same time you will earn something from them, that you might get your money back.

Indeed, Adgitize - is World Class Advertising on a Bloggers Budget


  1. wow! Seems Adgitize is working great with you ms. red. =) I am planning to advertise my site too but I still need $4 to do that. Wish me luck for that. =)

    Congratulations for the 3rd payment btw.

  2. hi heartbux, thanks! while waiting for your money, just continue to be a good publisher and click 100 ads a day at adgitize! ;)

  3. No problem red amethyst! Your blog is interesting and I must say that you are impressing because you have proofs that you are really earning money online =)

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    To our success,

  5. Hello Red. I noticed that you are posting for a sponsored review. I just wanna ask if what are the qualifications that are needed to attract advertisers from paidto blog websites.

    I joined almost everything with my other blog. The traffic is good (1000+) a day, PR3, and easily indexed by google. But the contents are just for search engine traffics. And I am not getting any product to review or get something that I placed my bid.

    Please Help!

  6. i see, so more topics about adgitize and i will realy be convinced :D

  7. @zoan you will like adgitize, its working for me.


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