Friday, March 5, 2010

Redamethyst is Simple Pero Rock

Technically, you read "Simple pero rock" in my native language Filipino, though you can also read it english as simple but rock. :D When I landed on the site, a woman holding a guitar on the header welcomed me..... hahahaha... this is not a review for my own site. Though I am one of the third level sponsors of K & Pehpot's blogversary contest, I need not to do a review of my own site. Yup, for those who don't know :D Simple Pero Rock is my personal blog. Theme and layout is courtesy of an online friend Sam of A Mom's life & loves and The blogger hub and Tsinaywrites. She's also the one who encouraged me to get my own domain and transfer it to wordpress, as she says there are more opportunities when I do that.

I don't know what got into my mind that I decided to do blogging last August of 2009. But until now I still consider myself newbie in the blogosphere, that's why joining this contest made me think twice, no thrice, no maybe even more(lol), because, I don't have an idea on how to make a blog review. Good thing, the host herself, has her own guide to creating a review. And so I tried. I didn't except that I will be able to do all the sponsors' reviews, but yes I finally finished the reviews yesterday. Joining the contest is like hitting two birds with one stone. I get a chance to win some prizes, and I get to do some reviews and visit new site. Though, I'm still newbie with this writing thingy, I feel I gained a lot of experience. As they say practice makes perfect. lol. And once again, I would like to thank K & Pehpot for this wonderful contest and experience they've given to the contest participants.

Here's the complete list of K & Pehpot's blogversary contest sponsor, with the links on my reviews. Please if you have time, do check them out and criticize me. Thank you so much. mwaaah :-*

1. Novice On Blogging (Noob) 
2. At Home Here
3. Sexy Blogging
4. My Camerasexy
5. Dishes By Pehpot
6. His Unfailing Love
7. My Memories and Crystals
8. Bacolod and Beyond Journey
9. Azumi
10. Fab Momma
11. Mara's Personal Bubble
12. Mara's Appetite
13. The Pinay Blogger @ Home
14. Diva Fabulosa
15. Best vacation Places
16. Momma Wannabee
17. Advising Writers
18. United World Poets
19. A Mom's Life and Loves
20. Travelin' With Marie
21. Happy Thoughts
22. Stalking Mind
23. Living Life To The Fullest
24. Online Mommy's Corner
25. Her And History
26. Careless Whisper
27. In My Psyche
28. My Quality Day
29. Just Throw Money
30. My Journey To Life
31. Cotton Candy Buzz
32. The Mommy Journey
33. Super Gulaman
34. Pen, Paper and Pan
35. Niko's Blog
36. Lover's Mushroom
37. Yena's World
38. Girls Rule!
39. Trendy And Heartily Yours
40. Husband of A Blogger
41. Glitter Page
42. Here Comes The Bride
43. Heart Random
44. Wonder Wifey
45. Coffee, Anyone?
46. Clarisse After Dark
47. Jena Isle's Random Thoughts
48. Where The Moon Shines
49. Crossroads.. Where Ideas Meet
50. Simple Pero Rock -
51. it's not always about me...
52. Pinay Mommy Online
53. How I Earn Money Online
54. A Woman Remembers
55. Beng's Entertainment Spree
56. My Thoughts, My Heart, My Turf
57. Yashiro
58. The Blogger Hub
59. Embrace Life
60. Home Buddies
61. Brisbane Australia
62. The Latest Buzz
63. 113Tidbits - Social Feeds And Daring Commentary
64. Thoughts And Obsessions
65. Just About Anything
66. Blog Appetite
67. I Am Buraot
68. Anak Ni Kulapo
69. Seiko's Diary
70. Mom Conversations
71. Random WAHM Thoughts
72. Make or Break
73. WAHMaholic
74. Reviews Inc.


Thank you also to the other contest participant who did their blog review for my site:

Mys - Written by Mys
Kikamz - Just About anything
Sherry - Sherry Rambling
Gene - Her and History


  1. hey Red, dba kita na review? sorry ha..

  2. I know I still have a lot review to do for your contest

  3. wow ur reviewing ur own site for k and pehpot contets

  4. is good you keep track of them :D


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