Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Explore Her and History

A blog review for Her and History as entry to Kaye and Pehpot’s Contest.

Genefaith gave birth to her blog, Her and History in December 2009 to serve as her online diary, but after blogging for sometime, her love for blogging grew, and she monetize her blogs. The theme of the site is very feminine, with pink and white background, and an image of a woman in a window, holding a pen and paper, as if thinking of something to write. This blog is about her story, and the story of the rest of the woman who has notable, important or interesting stories to share. Who would ever think that a 107 years old Malaysian woman is still seeking for her 23rd husband? You can read that on her site. Most of her stories are written in a very detailed manner, that's why sometimes, the article is a bit long, but I didn't get bored with reading her long articles. Her long articles are very descriptive that you yourself can imagine the story. She also posts pictures to support her stories. She is a loving wife to the only man who made her say yes, and they celebrated their eighth year as a couple last September. Wow, I hope hubby and I can reach that number. She's a teacher, a loving sister to her 13 siblings and a child of God. You can read her choices of Bible verses that she incorporates in her daily life. Find out more about Her and History, and be blessed.


  1. naku buti pa sya ONLY man talaga.. ako aksi ang dami ko atang sinagot LOL

  2. i know the author of this blog and had chit chat with her for a long time. she's nice and helpful person.

  3. yah about the Malaysian woman I read about it :D

  4. wow the woman married 23 times, that is alot but I don't know in world record who is.


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