Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Good News!

As I was browsing my inbox for Adz Quick solo ads, I saw an ad that says "HYIFund is currently offering a $2.50 investment to all new members." I have to go directly to the site if it is true. And yes, it is written on the frontpage that:
HYI Fund is currently offering a free $2.50 investment to all new members. Simply sign up for a new account, and you will automatically receive $2.50 deposited to your account. You can compound your profits, or withdraw, whichever you prefer.
For the Benefit of those who are not familiar with HYIFund is a High Yield Investment Program or simple HYIP. It has been offering the public High Yield Investments through a comprehensive daily profit fund. I have been a member of this site since August 26, 2009, I just deposited $1 from my Liberty reserve account, and I already have a earned a total interest of $8.80. I don't do anything here, I just check the site once in awhile, and decide if I will withdraw the money or not. Sometimes I would even forget that I have money here :D :D
So enough of my speech, if you want to try HYIP, this is the right time, just click here, and register.Another good thing here is that they accept not only Liberty REserve but also Alertpay e-currency.

ooppss, another reminder, usually this offer is limited! So better act fast!


  1. this is really good news, but unfortunately I don't have alertpay or liberty reserve account, Paypal lang.

  2. Hi paula and levy,
    It's easy to create an account at Liberty reserve. it's free also

  3. nice :D hee.. how much only can withdraw?

    it is open for everyone? me malaysia.

  4. @sherry, you can withdraw the interest only. It's a little, but it gets big when accumulated right?

  5. wow dami naman pala tlagang mapagkakitaan dito noh?sa internet

  6. yeah so need to wait it get big.

  7. congrats for another $2. i am envy with ur earning haha

  8. I like good news :D very happy see you happy.


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