Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I love contests!

I love joining different contest and giveaways though I am not really lucky with raffles or contest I still give a shot to the different contest and giveaways online wherein the winners are usually chosen through random.org, chances are my number won't really be lucky :lol: But with K & Pehpot contest I gave my best shot since this is all about getting the highest points. It ended last March 18, over a week have past and the announcement of the winners is done already. I managed to grab the fourth prize and another $5 for being the best reviewer for Pehpot's Sexy Blogging site. Thanks Pehpot for choosing me. :D

There are just so many ways to get money instantly, there are lotteries, sport bets, sweepstakes and some others. I don't really try this in real life because I know I would be losing some money only. I would rather work hard for money. But with online contest and giveaways, wherein I only spent time for posting and following their rules, I got nothing to loose. I have so much to gain, like friends, additional traffic, plus the chance of winning some prizes and of course the excitement. I will never get tired of joining contest. hihihi.

Oh, I already got my prize, I will be posting the proof later.


  1. I won $5 in reviewing Peh's blog too :D di ako nanalo ng iba pang prize :D

  2. I know I have no luck in lottery, I need to work for it

  3. I remember I won $5 being early bird to take part.

  4. yeah contest can be fun and tiring as need work for points.


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