Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I am browsing a HYIP monitoring site, thinking if I will invest my remaining money at LR, after I transacted with Paymanila. There are really a lot of Scam HYIP sites out there, so I am thinking twice and searching and searching what is the best HYIP. Genius Fund have always been on the top performer hyip in the most monitoring site that's why I was shocked to find out now that it turned into scam. Wow! Good thing I didn't invest here or else I would say good bye again to my dollars. :D :D.

Another HYIFund update, I got 4 referrals there now, I hope they got the free investment. They can earn about $0.05 doing nothing. Currently, I have $0.88 balance there for doing nothing. :D

Anyway, I am now trying a different earning program so I hope I can get better with my writing and with updating my blog. Have you already Soak the red dot in vinegar? Me? nah! I don't even know what it means! haha. What's gotten into me, I'm just lost. So many things happen last night that I don't want to talk about now but is bothering me now. I Hope I'll be better tomorrow. You can't beat a good euphonious


  1. I have been having second thoughts about HYIP myself, even after making thousands of dollars with them. Maybe the few hundred dollars a month clicking ads is not so bad after all.

  2. haven't join HYIfund program but want to learn more when i have time

  3. I see you hard working to find income online :D it is good.


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