Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Just Throw Money

Aside from being a nature lover, a woman who loves hiking, Sharkbytes is also trying to earn online. She is also the author of the site, Just Throw Money. This is her journey on trying to make more than 25 cents a day by blogging. The site have a simple three column layout with white background. Ads are on both sides and some buttons on where you can get additional earnings online. She's a member and run ads of adgitize, cmf, and entrecard. At the bottom of the page, there's more ads and the page rank, which is two(2).

She joins different online program that can generate additional income like Paying Post and Shared Reviews, she's giving Paid to Click(PTC) a try also. She gives a very detailed explanations of the sites she is joining and trying. Proof of payments are also posted. This site is almost one year old already, and over this past year, the author is attempting to build some acceptable level of income from blogging. She is currently earning an average of $1.50 a day just by blogging. But she is not stopping, she's rethinking the use of her time, and I know she will not stop in her quest for additional money online. So, if you want to learn more on making money online, Just Throw Money will give you ideas about this.

A blog review for Just Throw Money as entry to Kaye and Pehpot’s Contest.


  1. very informative post!.................thanx

  2. infairness kelan kaya ako makakapagpost ng proof of payment noh?hahaha wla akong idea kasi kung saan ako makaka hanap ng pera dito

  3. just throw money maybe nice if you have a lot to throw

  4. i wanted to post some proof payment of me as well, i wish i can start earning moolah online


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