Sunday, September 6, 2009

My 3rd payment from Morachat

And that would be a total of five (5) payments from Morachat. The two other payment was from the Referral contest wherein I won. It was for the whole month of June, and I was able to get the highest number of referrals who have at least one post. The second part of the contest would be the member who have the highest number of active referrals, which means one referral would have at least 50 posts. I won both part of the contest. Thank you to all my referrals.

Anyway, this third payment came from all the posts I have made for the past one month. Now, I am starting my quest for the next payment.

I just love posting in forums that's why I have enjoy Morachat very much. So if you are into forum posting, this site would suite you also. add it to your lists ;)

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