Tuesday, September 15, 2009

2nd payment from Content Current!

Here's my second payment from Content current!Yipee! I didn't expect this, because I just receive my payment last week. But when I check my mail today, I saw a notification from paypal!  A Payment from CC for my 89 posts to two project. Woohoo! This is really a great reward for posting in a forum. They pay $0.10 per post, and ten posts a day would mean $1 a day. There are a lot of available jobs there, but I only choose the Forum that I am interested and something wherein I can share my thoughts. It is not just about money, but of course the fun I am getting in posting in a Forum. 
Thank you Content Current!  More Power!


  1. wow congratulations sis! I just joined the site but unfortunately, they dont accept forum posters at this time. Too bad for me.

  2. hi kaye. why not try to be an article writer. they are paying good also. you can choose what project to accept.

  3. Hey girl! Congratulations!! I finally found your site. Well, this is Funky from the forum. My motherboard crashed and my hard drive was erased so I had to start from scratch. How are you? Can I like you back? Anyway, I have a new site, http://cottoncandybuzz.info.

  4. red ang tagal nila mag approve ng writers.. asar..

    anyways kasama ka na sa adgit list ha.. at konting spam din:

    Hi guys! I know some might find this offending (a bit of a spam, again) but this is the only way I know to get back at you as quickly as possible.

    First, I would like tot hank all of your for patronizing utoy(adgitizing made easy). Utoy is very happy with your warm welcome. He is glad that you find time playing with hi (using the tool). In the near future we will make a post about Utoy's playmates to show our appreciation to all of you.

    Second, if you have been playing with him and still could not figure it out, here are some guides hat may help:

    Click an utoy box and it will open 5 tabs (each site has an adgitize ad group)
    Click one adgitize ad on each site. Clicked ads will open in another tab. That gives you 10 tabs.
    Close all then click an Utoy box again.
    Each utoy box gives you 5 points

    Please take note that you have to log in to your aditize account before playing with utoy..
    Lastly, Utoy prefers Firefox.

    Thanks again!

    Make or Break

  5. matry nga yan, join ako dun sa link mo

  6. wow nice to see you get another payment fast


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