Friday, September 25, 2009

HYIP: Free $2 Investment!

No Liberty Reserve account yet?

Open a free account today!

After you have your own Liberty Reserve Account already, register here:

put peanutbutter on the promotional code

And that's it you will receive you free $2 investment!

Can't believe?

I registered just a few minutes ago and here's a screen shot of the $2 investment

What is
Their plan is to pay us a 170% return on your investment asap
$170 back for every $100 in
paid in daily cash installments - no numbers on a screen!

So, I'll wait and see if they will pay or not. from the free investment they've given

But you don't have to wait before I get paid, register now, so you yourself can see and be paid!

This is a Limited Offer, so Grab it now!
Nothing to loose! 


  1. Can I know the place to put the promotional code in... I can't find it anywhere.

  2. Hello there, unfortunately as I stated the offer is limited, so they have ended the free $2.
    Just stay update here for more offers in the future. you can subscribe so you can receive my updates on your mail

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