Wednesday, September 23, 2009

HYIP: HYIFund is paying

What is HYI Fund? Here's from the site:
Since 2004, HYI Fund has been offering the public High Yield Investments through a comprehensive daily profit fund. With investments ranging across a broad spectrum of investment vehicles, HYI Fund has developed one of the most secure high yield investment funds that the market has seen. For over five years, every single member has been paid interest on a daily basis, without a single missed payment.

Each day, 7 days per week, an interest payment is calculated and distributed to each member’s available cash balance. These daily interest payments typically range between 0.5% and 3%, however they have been known to exceed these limits when our investments perform exceptionally well.

HYI Fund is currently offering a free $2.50 investment to all new members. Simply sign up for a new account, and you will automatically receive $2.50 deposited to your account. You can compound your profits, or withdraw, whichever you prefer.
 I invested $1 last August 26. And I got my bonus of $2.50 investment on my account immediately. I activated compounding immediately, so it will be added to my investment thus I can get a higher interest. I though it was good, but after sometime I just decided to let the interest accumulate on my account and withdraw it from time to time. So I disabled my compounding. after four days, and from then on my money have an interest of $0.04 per day.

To date, my money have a total interest of $1.18, it means, I got my initial deposit back, and my profit is already $0.18 and the rest of the interest I would be getting from this day on.

It's better than letting my money sleep on my Liberty Reserve Account.

The daily interest rates tend to vary between 0.5% and 3%, however on some occasions it may fall outside of this general guideline. 

They accept Liberty reserve e-currency.


  1. Hmmmm Liberty Reserve lang puede? wala kc ako nun. paano ako magbabayad ng $1 kung wala akong account dun?

  2. I'll be posting some HYIP accepting ALertpay ;)
    tsaka some ways paano magkapera sa Liberty Reserve.

  3. wow! that's great! only $1 to invest and there's even a $2.5 investment bonus? That's like not paying and getting money free!
    Hope you'll also post something about getting money from Liberty Reserve to your Philippine bank account

  4. hi angeljme, I already have an article about LR money

  5. nice investment! hope we can work together with other investment opportunities online!


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