Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Something Big is 'bout to Happen!

Yes! Something big is about to happen at Platinum Lounge. That's is Rich, owner of PL, posting an update.

PL has been my favorite PTP site since October 2008. I just have so much fun at the site, not only there are a lot of Filipino members here but also we can speak our own language. We can just have a chit-chat and all of them have points. It was fun waiting for the G-Man party where in points given in every post was really huge. There are contests, Lotto, Vegas, Make a Deal to join where in a member will have the chance to get some big points.

I used to receive a weekly payout here ranging from $4 - $10 depending on my rank. But they stopped paying since March 2009 for the reason that they are preparing for a new site. And while they are doing this they have to hold the payments and reset all points back to zero. From that day, all points accumulated will be transferred to the new site.

Members have been waiting for so long, and it's good that there is this update. And yes I am excited.
I hope this time they would be back! For Real!

I also posted an updated timer here

1 comment:

  1. hi red! i rarely visit PL now because at first they promised that the payment hold will be for 2 months only (from March) but it's been almost 7 months. thanks for this info. i just hope PL goes back to the way it was so more will be enticed to join the site.


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