Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Been Busy with Mylot lately....

It's been about 7 or months since the last time I was active at mylot. I became so busy or I can say got addicted to some other paid to post site. My folder for mylot is full of notifications, I didn't delete them before hoping that I can catch up. But the other day I decided to delete them all. And I will just try to be updated with all the notifications that I received. Yesterday, I had so much fun posting at Mylot. I opened a friends profile and started responding to her discussions. Until, I realized that she was online too, and made some comments on my posts. It was fun exchanging thoughts with her, which I found easy because we have some things in common. Patofgold did respond to my discussions as well, to return the favor. But actually we both benefit by responding to each other posts. I  hope our friendship will go somewhere.

for earnings update, I am still short of $6 for this month's payout. So I am not expecting to hit it since I only have two days. hahaha

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