Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Money making Opportunity

Get paid for your opinions! Click on the banner above to join Planet Pulse. Its totally free to sign up, and you can earn UNLIMITED. Find out more by visiting PLANET PULSE.

I got this site from workingathome; and of course I joined the site immediately to have an additional earning opportunity.

So what is Planet Pulse?
Planet Pulse helps companies to find out what you think about them, their products and services. It is created solely for the purpose of getting your feedback via surveys. Your answers to these surveys will give insights to these companies so that they can develop products and services that meet your expectations.

You will be paid "pulses"  with every survey that you answer. The number of Pulses that you receive for each survey will depend on the length of the survey and ranges from 100 to 500 points. Pulses are redeemable for cash.100 Pulses is equivalent to USD 1 dollar.

To redeem for cash, you must have a minimum of 2,500 Pulses. Cash payment is made through your PayPal account.

So, Join now and start earning more!

good luck to all of us


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