Sunday, September 13, 2009

Morachat: Post and get Paid!

I have been hearing lots of things, both good and bad about Morachat. But I did not decide to join until April 08, 2009. And after that I got hooked. Why?

  • I like the layout. simple but a typical message board. I remember the times when i was so active in non paying forums
  • Moderators are very active. Members can interact with them. But be careful, these moderators can really be strict. They might even piss you off but hey, they are there to keep the board spam free.
  • The members are really nice and I love exchanging thoughts with them. I am fond of reading their topics and replies. Though members are from different countries, It's nice to find out that some of us have many things in common.
  • There are a lot of Filipino members here. Filipinos are doing very well here and have received their own cash outs.
  • I can see my earnings each time I post. In this way I can improve my next reply. I can be paid of up to $0.02 depending on the quality of the post. Maintaining an earning of $0.015 per post is good.
  • Inappropriate replies are deleted immediately. The earning is also deducted, so when you request payment, you will receive it in full, well except for the paypal charges.
  • $1 bonus is given to a newbie who creates his own introduce yourself thread.
  • $9 minimum payout through paypal. You can request any time as soon as you reach the $9 or you can save it, and cash out when you reach a certain amount you like.
  • Fast payout! yes, very fast payout. Some times it would take around one hour. To be safe, you won't be waiting for three days for the payment.
  • and of course, a great Admin! Very active, prompt in payment, gives out monthly contests, and even gives tips in blogging, SEO, and other ways on earning online.
I can't say that I have a perfect experience with Morachat. I did have some not so nice experience, but still I choose to stay because MORACHAT ROCKS! So, if you loves posting and want to earn money from your posts, Morachat would be the right place for you.

Want some payment proof? click here.

want to join? click here.


  1. came here to visit as well...:) thanks for coming by

  2. I better go and join then, eh

  3. Just join the other day. Seems that they have less members nowadays. Anyway,I'm glad to know about your experience in Morachat. I will be writing about this site soon.


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