Saturday, August 15, 2009

Valuebux: Scam or not

Two weeks ago, I was able to reach the minimum payout which is $5. I was so excited to cashout, but when I was about to select the payment method here's what I got:

No payment method available??? So i waited, but I didn't click the ads everyday. It made me sad and lazy. After two weeks of waiting and trying to see if there would be available payment method still, there is no luck. I read the forums, and there is this valuebuxman, just a global moderator who are paying those elite members. He created his own make money database. And you have to pay $ 8 a month to become an elite. He also created a "pool" for standard members, which will ask you to pay $1, and he says the more you pay the more chances of getting paid. oh no! I will not pay him since I don't even have the assurance of getting paid. this valuebuxman is very active. Now, the valueadmin conducted a sale and contest again on the purchases. hmmhh.. I now doubt that this site will pay... I don't click here daily now.. I just check the site once in a while, maybe the payment method wouldn't be empty anymore. hehe

so for value clickers out there, just be careful.


  1. Valuebux is a scam check complaints here:

  2. more info about the scumbags

    stay far away!!!!

  3. I did report this dude to paypal and alertpay. Hopefully some have a chance to get their money back

  4. scam? ay, stay away tayo dyan. sad naman nito. pinaghirapan mo ayaw ibigay :(

  5. I dont like scam, they just waste your time

  6. o nga, kailangan talaga mg research about ptc sites


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