Monday, August 17, 2009

another payment from orangebizs

I requested did two weeks ago. yeah, I waited a little long but it's alright. Orangebizs is trusted to pay it's members. just a few cents to add to my paypal account. Without these cents there can never be a dollar. this is my 4th payment already. Thank you Orangebizs and thank you to my referrals. Keep clicking and continue to receive payment.Next payment date is August 27, make sure you request your payment before this date.


  1. grabe! tyaga mo sis! :)

  2. I am talking with the reference to the comment you have made in my blog.It will be nice to get in touch with you and also exchange links.Let me know your thoughts.

  3. wow sis galing mo!! ilan na referrals mo dyan? member din kasi ako ng clicksia kaso below $1 pa lang balance ko. Goodluck and more power!!

  4. ok din mga ptc nyo pero try nyo to 1$ per click mas madali din..

  5. wow dami nga ng ptc sites dito ano

  6. is nice to see you get payment :D

  7. red, lagay mo din ang mga ptc sites na hindi nagbabayad ha


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