Thursday, August 13, 2009

my 5th payment from Neobux

Yes, I receive my Fifth payment from Neobux this morning. I was about to request it last night, but my internet connection is slow. So I just requested for the payment this morning before I go to work. I didn't check it immediately at my alertpay account because I know it's instant. and I trust neobux to pay me. and when I arrive here at work, there it is at my alert pay account. I receive $6.22 today. Thank you neobux.

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  1. congrats!! i just joined neobux a few weeks ago :)

  2. they pay only using alertpay?

  3. ano naman yung alertpay? dami naman kasi mga foreign words dito sa blogosphere ehehe

  4. neobux I don't know this until I see here

  5. si mhel may neobux din sasali na kaya ako dito ano sa tingin mo rerd?


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