Monday, August 31, 2009

My Love for Forums

My first ever forum was Cosmomagazine Philippines. I was just an avid reader of the magazine before until one time I just found myself typing cosmo's url at my browser. I didn't register at immediately and just read posts and thought of the members. It seems they are very close and they know each other very well. I thought it would be hard to fit in. A day came when I decided to register just to give it a shot. And my decision to join is a right decision. I "met" new people from different places, like lovellypau, kissy, prettybaby, sweet december, kirei, etc.I enjoy posting and exchanging of ideas. I enjoyed forum games. And it's the start of my love for forums... I joined FHM board also, though I was not as active here compared with cosmo. My love for forums led me to another site called Banidad. Somebody invited me to this new forum site. I just love posting here. I tried inviting some cosmo member to join Banidad. I just got hooked with Banidad, met more friends online, which includes mei, ems, bhebheQ , maderick, kitekpau, oishii etc. I attended their EB gathering which I wasn't able to do with the Cosmo family. Though some of the Banidad peeps are also Cosmo member, it's like hitting two birds with one stone ^_^

My forum life didn't just revolve around cosmo, banidad and fhm. I search for other forums of different types. I found fland, wherein I met quing and bogart. I joined Yehey, MTC, and some other forums. I am also a member of which is now known as asian-westernmen. This is also a new site, for Singles out there who want to find their partner. ^_^

I love posting in forums, exchanging thoughts and playing forum games with the other members. I treasure the friendship that was built through forums. There are some real person online, but there are some who are not. Be careful in choosing and trusting the people you met online. Luckily, I found some real friends online.

And when I am tired with clicking and posting in PTP forum, you can still find me posting in these great forums:
Cosmo board
Asian-westernmen Forum
Yehey Boards

And some other forums ^_^


  1. I forgot tell you I joined local forum for swap items.


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