Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tututina's Five Dollars Friday Giveaways for the Whole Month of August

I joined a contest. This is my first time to join a blog contest. So friends, Wish me luck here. hehehe. But of course, You can join also here's the mechanics:

How to Enter
Anyone can enter the contest. But you must follow our giveaway guidelines in order to qualify:
1. Blog about our Five Dollar Fridays Giveaway
2. Select from our buttons (small or large) or our animated banner and post it on your blog/webpage
3. Leave me a comment telling me you've blogged about my giveaway. You MUST include in your comment your blog/webpage URL and your paypal email.

so easy right? We still have two fridays. Good luck :) :)


  1. hi there red. thanks for this info and for visiting my blog :-)hope you win.

  2. hi sis! I also want to join this contest. can you please tell me how did you get the backlink of tututina? thanks!

  3. Hi there! The easiest way to make your blog a 3 column one is to choose the "Minima" template (the top left template under the Choose New Template Tab). If you follow the directions on my blog with the Minima Template, everything should work out!! Let me know if that works!

  4. sayang last yr pa to, wala pa ata akogn blog noon :D

  5. now I think you very good with join contest :D


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