Monday, August 10, 2009

The road to earning online....

I remember seeing the links to a PTC site from a local forum that I am active. I didn’t even know what a PTC is. I just got interested because, it says I can earn online for free. So I joined, without knowing what’s in store for me. I wasn’t able to talk to my upline because she just posted the links and disappeared. Still I tried. I joined 3-5 sites and click the ads to earn credits. My mistake that time, I didn’t research about PTC and the PTC site itself. That time payout was high and I don’t know how to get referral because I don’t have any proof that it’s true. Eventually, I got tired of clicking so I stopped.

I revert back to my first love – the forums. And from a forum friend I learned about paid posting. Wow! This made me excited! Getting paid doing what I love – posting in forums! She introduced me to mylot. It’s not my first time to land on mylot’s pages. I wasn’t interested the first time I was introduced to that site, but my friend, better know as pehpot guided me and assisted me very well. And so I enjoyed posting at mylot. This led me to another paying site, Platinum lounge. Wherein I received my first ever payment online! The feeling was good. Well, my first payment was not huge, but it’s okey since I am always online and doing posting in other forums, so might as well spend those time in a paying site. I gained new acquaintances not just from the Philippines but from other countries. Getting paid with the forums led me back to PTC. I tried again. And this time I am more patient and waiting to reach payout. and I already receive some payments from site like Neobux, orangebizs, clicksia and Palmbux. I tried getting some referrals also, though, I am not that successful. But whenever I get some referrals, I would always assist them the best way I could. And if it’s possible I try to befriend them.

Of course, there are a lot of times that PTCs are scam, I have been scammed also, but it doesn’t matter, because there are really legitimate sites that pay. The good thing is that, I got some extra money online, and I earn more online friends...Just having fun here and earning some $$$...


  1. mylot I sign up under a blogger but never teach me but she promise but I guess she forgot

  2. is nice to see you have friends to teach you and guide you

  3. get referral I am suck at that

  4. kaye introduced me to mylot :) si Peh naman i like her matulungin talaga :)

  5. yang iba dyan hindi pa ako member:Dkasi naman hina ng net ko, baka hindi rin ako maka earn by clicking :D

  6. I think peh is good guide to you :D

  7. grabe ha, mayroon road to earning online talaga :D

  8. grabe naman kung mkapagcomment itong si sherry ahahaha

  9. the road is under construction?e ehehehe


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