Saturday, August 15, 2009

I recently join 2 ptc site

My balance at clicksia $0.85, so I just need $0.20 in order for me to have my second payout. So I decided to look at the Sign up area, so if I find something new I can join and I can earn $0.10 from it aside from the earnings I can make with the new site. So, I saw buxvegas. It is a new PTC launched last 12.08.09. The minimum payment is $2 and forum is also available. Rent referrals are also available. That's why I decided to join, so I can be active for a few days then I can receive credit at clicksia, therefore in three days or less I can have my second payout. And if the site is good, I can even reach payout at buxvegas....

I also joined FreeBirdBux. The minimum is quite high, but still I joined just for the clicksia credit. hahaha. Anyway, after the credit I can erase the site on my list. hahah. I prefer low minimum for PTCs because of some bad experiences with high minimum. that after reaching the minimum amount you won't be able to cash it because the site turned into scam. hahaha


  1. ptc again? adik ka red! adik ka sa ptc eheheh

  2. oo nga, dami mong ptc red, may mabuti may time paka to sleep ahahah


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