Friday, August 14, 2009

thank you caliente mamma

Thank you caliente mamma for joining under me at orangebizs. I hope you can earn a little from that site. Just cents to add to your paypal account. honestly, I can't click religiously with the site because of its many ads, and I don't enough time at home sometimes I miss clicking but still I received three payments from orangebizs. But the good thing with the site is that you can still have referral earnings even if you don't click daily. So thank you for all of my referrals for clicking always.

Just remember to select the categories of your interest, i suggest you choose also "cheap cash email" & "points email". You can earn from this also and you will receive this on your site inbox. Click also on the points & contest PTC, you can win 0.8 Cents Cash in your account. I won twice here already. and of course try to refer people :D :D

Good luck everyone

so, here's my three payment proof



  1. hmmnn orangebiz looks promising. I signed up for this one. Maybe we can exchange PTC sites in my blog that you haven't joined yet. Thanks

  2. invite din pala kita dito: :)

  3. hi brownfox, ano nga ba ang hugeprelaunch na yan? di ko gets eh

  4. Payment: Minimum $ 0 all payments.
    •Click: $ 0.01
    •Click Referral: $ 0.005
    •Ads: 6
    All emails worth 100USD
    500USD sign up bonus, 20USD referral bonus
    Only 20 000USD minimum payout ,

    You will get $450 sign-up bonus.
    Paid emails worth $100 per every mail,paid to click worth $50 per every the ads
    Get $50 for every one who will sign up under you.
    Minimum payout for standard members is $25,000 - easy to reach.
    You will recive 30% earnings from your referral work.
    Total members: 9,670

    Basic Jackpot Members $0.01 per click$0.01 per referral click
    $25 Minimum payout
    Premium member for only $1.99$0.25 per click$0.25 per referral click
    $100 Minimum payout

    Paid To $0.002 -$0.04 per click
    Payout at $9.99
    Paid To Promote $2 CPM Up To $0.05 per click
    $2.50 Cash For Sign Up.

  5. nice to see the payment proof

  6. galing atleast kahit gaano ka liit they send the payment dba :)

  7. is good they send payment to you

  8. naku dati ayaw ko mg ptc kasi parang ang tagal maka earn :D ngayon kahit gaano kaliit pagtiytiyagaan pera din aksi


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