Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Win Johnson's Baby Bedtime products

Sleep is one of the most important factors in releasing growth hormones, most especially for very young babies.While your baby sleeps, her little body produces 3x more growth hormones.

The good news is there is a way to promote better sleep for your baby: through a consistent nightly bedtime routine.

Learn more about the JOHNSON´S® Baby Bedtime Routine, clinically proven to stretch your baby´s sleep by as much as 23%.

In addition to the JOHNSON´S® Baby Bedtime Routine and products, there are countless other ways you can help your baby fall asleep and even share bonding moments in the process!

I am still thinking of what to post as entry for this contest, but I would just like to share this to everyone so you can join too.

There will 2 winners, best post will win 2K worth of JOHNSON´S® Baby Bedtime products, second best will win 1k worth of JOHNSON´S® Baby Bedtime products.

This is open to bloggers and non bloggers.
Contest will end on August 21 and announcement of winners will be on August 25.


  1. ay kasali na din ako dito, suporta lang kay Pehpot

  2. nice contest with great prices! marami akong nakita nag join dito.

  3. i have already shared my bb bedtime routine :D

  4. this is nice contest but only 2 winners

  5. Didn't join this one since I know moms have more chances of winning.

  6. few year back I won Johnson's baby product hamper and I share the prize with my relatives

  7. I forgot say it is only a hamper far away the place to collect the prize as send by courier costly.

  8. hey..how's it going already?...hopely things goes well for us...nice one


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