Monday, August 23, 2010

PirzeLive first payment

I joined Prize live last August 11. I invited you to join me here too and in a matter of one day I was able to collect 0.43 points. Wherein 1 point is equal to $1. Minimum payment is $1. Yesterday, I reached 1 point already and I immediately requested for payment. I checked it few minutes ago and here it is:

So, here are some tips on how to earn at prize live:

  1. I already mentioned that upon joining, download the prizelive tool bar
  2. Post an introductory thread on the forum
  3. Create a blog post about prize live, then go to the offers section and you will find the create blog button. Enter the url to your blog post. 
  4. If you are a member of any forum, create a new post about prize live. 
  5. Follow Prizelive on twitter and facebook
  6. Click the Exclusive Ads
  7. Click the Freebies PTC
  8. Log in everyday and Do the Daily Task
  9. Log in everyday and click the get daily GC bonus on the tool bar.
  10. Join games like match up by using your game credits and win points
I won a game twice wherein I earned 0.18 per game. So, it helped me reach my payment. :)
Click the badge below to join or click here for the step by step registration.


  1. Wow! thanks sis for sharing this site..hmmm..maybe I should go check this out! Another earning opportunity :-) Good morning!

  2. Thanks for sharing, i will try it soon,,, "Blogger Jepara"

  3. Thanks for the info. Been looking for more money earning sites.

  4. sis I added your blogs to please add me back :D

  5. Thanks marose... you've been so patient with me...


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