Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Earn more with Earn Easy Cash

Last July 28, I upgraded my membership at Earn Easy Cash for $2 and is valid for two months. I also requested for a payment that day. After three days I received it:

This is one of the legit PTC site out there. It is an aurora type PTC meaning, less rate or pay per click, even the advertising rates are lesser. It is similar to Clicksia but with more ads everyday.

To maximize your earnings with Earn Easy Cash, log in at around 1:30 pm, Philippine time, because at EEC's time, it would be nearing midnight and it means all ads will be reset meaning you will have more ads to click. Usually it would have more than 200 ads available for upgraded members, it depends on how fast your internet connection, so as for me, I would be able to click less than 200 ads because of the connection. If you are a free member, probably you will get less than 100-150 ads. For me, the downside of surfing at this time is I don't get the bonus page as often as I should, I would get it only after clicking 100 ads.

If you are going to surf, click the paid to surf link, so that you will have a chance to play in their game. choose among the doors and get a chance to win prizes. Aside from that, if you were able to surf 100 ads a day, you can claim a bonus of $0.01, but if you only surfed 50 ads, you get 0.005 only. Remember to log in again anytime of the day, to get additional site for surfing.

If you have a spare of $2, upgrade your membership. You will receive advertising credits and you will have access to more ads. As of now, I already have $0.41 in my account again. Just another $1, and I will get back the money I paid for my upgrade and I still have more than a month to go before my membership ends. And the good thing is I have advertising credits weekly.

Try it now, and have an additional $$ on your account, because for me every cent counts.


  1. thanks for sharing this site sis! check ko rin ito

  2. thanks for sharing this sis, hmm honestly sis sa PTC site medyo la ako patient - nag try ako nang PTC lastmonth tinigilan ko rin hehe

  3. I'm not really a fan of PTCs kasi ang bagal ng earning. Maybe one day, I'll try my luck in this.

    I actually sent this blog's URL to a friend who wants to earn online.

  4. That's so cool! Amma check it out! :)

  5. sound good :D but me not fan of PTC

  6. Thank you for reminding :D .. I did not open Earn Easy Cash because I forgot to include it in my lists..

    In addition to the review, here's a link from PTC Investigation:

    A Walk Through My Notebook

  7. nyek,di ako member ng any ptc

  8. I admire you can click always :D

  9. long time I give up on ptc as I am lazy

  10. is nice to know every cent counts because it is I had experience wallet without money, its very sad :(

  11. I need learn more about make money online

  12. there is no easy way to make money everything need effort. like you sis, admire you every penny counts. :D


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