Monday, August 2, 2010

July Top Droppers

Thank you to my top droppers for the month of July.
It's always a pleasure that you drop at my site
As usual, top 1 dropper will have one month ad space on my sidebar

Contest Update: I am just waiting for the other sponsors to send in their pledges, I hope they got my email about my paypal address. I would like to thank all the sponsor who already sent their pledges. I will be starting the contest by August 9. (hopefully!) :) :)


  1. sis I lost over 90,000ec as entrecard remove my account... no warning at all.

  2. and wala pa rin ako sa kanila :D wahahah

  3. until today entrecard no reply any of my email about my account

  4. i think today will be great day, right sherry?! :)

  5. ako di pa umabot ng 4000 ang ec ko lol


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