Thursday, May 20, 2010

What to Do After Rehab

A lot of people know that they have a problem but aren't sure how to address it, or they are unaware that they even have an issue to deal with, and family is forced to stage an intervention. Residential drug and alcohol treatment centers are a vital first step for former drug and alcohol abusers, but they are only a first step. What people do after they leave a residential drug or alcohol treatment center is very important in determining whether or not they will successfully recover from their addiction.

 When people re-enter their own community with the fresh perspective of sobriety, it's often difficult for them to find new friends, resources to assist them, and even just a job. Family is an excellent aid that former substance abusers need to implement in the beginning of their community-based rehabilitation, but what is a former user supposed to do weeks and months down the road?

 Most states have planned measures for former substance abusers, like Vocational Rehabilitation. Through Vocational Rehabilitation, a former substance abuser can be issued a counselor who will assist them in making long-term recovery plans. Although residential drug and alcohol treatment centers are necessary, they need to be accompanied by a counseling on a long-term basis, as they would inform you, and coaching.

 Many former substance abusers have criminal records that include misdemeanors like intent to sell, carrying, or public intoxication. For people with criminal records, Vocational Rehabilitation counselors can issue a job coach, or employment specialist, who will help them to find meaningful employment that will limit their exposure to the substances they have issues with currently. A job coach can also assist former substance abusers in learning new interviewing skills and resume creation and design skills. For people who have finally overcome a life-long battle with a substance, it's important to support them in their success, so that they do not relapse.


  1. Drunk-drowned people should seek alcohol treatment as prompt as they could. Aside from seeking medical attention, these people should be refreshed of the effects of alcohol to themselves and to the people around them.

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  3. they should have given a chance after rehab

  4. buti nalang, di kami nadala sa peer pressure.. hindi ko na try ang maging user


  5. i have friend who's addicted in drug but his now okay

  6. yeah crimes just scare of people as most prefer stay home now like me. I scare go out, if out sure need see around and be aware.


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