Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I need a Diet Plan!

It's really hard to have a diet plan, when I can see my favorite foods all the time and when I always enjoy eating. Like the other day, we bought Selecta ice cream. It's just so delicious I can't resist eating it. :D I think I am gaining weight everyday. I tried cutting down my food intake. At the office, I would just eat one fourth of the rice that is being served. But during dinner, when I am eating with husband, I just can't eat little. He would put rice again on my plate. lol. Another thing, my office mate would always invite me to eat snack. I can live without snack but she would always insist. Some times or most of the time she would pay for our food. Who can ever resist that? But I really need to have a diet plan, I am gaining weight already and I don’t really like that. Anyway, what I am thinking is that maybe I can just bring high protein snacks at the office, so that every time she would ask me I would just show her that I have my snack, and she can just buy her food, and we'll just eat together. I might even give her some of my snack, because she needs it too.It's like I am helping her while I help myself loss weight. Good idea, right?


  1. try eating everything in moderation lang ate. i've done all d diets na, starting from d crappy chinese tea til south beach and yep, effective pero mbilis lang din bmalik weight mo sa ganon.

  2. hi, sis. weakness ko rin ang ice cream... mahirap tanggihan lalo na if you're eating with your family...
    i do hope you'll get to stick with your diet plan and at the same time enjoy the foods you like.

    Flowing Rhythms

  3. I need diet plan too but I can't do any now. I have period :( then headache

  4. try to do some walking, its a form of exercise nagpapayat din yan

  5. me naman i wanted to gain weight then i gain weight from pills lol. now i think i need diet plan na.

  6. sis if good taste food I eat alot :D hehe.. not nice I eat little. But not always like that.. just sometimes


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