Thursday, May 6, 2010

An Advantage Over Cable?

Cable customers often swear by the price they're paying and the reliability of service, but those people who've switched over to DIRECTV don't agree that cable is a better choice. DIRECTV subscribers believe that their satellite service is more reliable and that they pay less for the services they get. Is that true? It can depend on several factors, like the cable company that DIRECTV competes with, the programming packages ordered by the customer and where the customer lives (because bad weather can sometimes affect satellite programming more than cable). Generally, however, this is not an issue for DIRECTV customers, who get good service with few interruptions, and for a lower price than most cable providers offer.

DIRECTV Programming: What Does it Offer?

Unlike many cable companies that only have specific tiers of packages, DIRECTV has more flexibility. There are packages for people who like sports, religious programming, soap operas, movies and other specific types of television. In addition, there are also packages for people who want a good mixture of television program options. Smaller packages are available for people who don't have a lot of money, don't watch much TV or don't want to spend a significant portion of their income on the TV budget.

Is DIRECTV Programming Affordable?

For some people, DIRECTV is less expensive than cable. For others, it costs about the same. Some people may pay more for DIRECTV than they were previously paying for cable, but that's usually if they want premium packages that offer a lot of sports, movies, or pay per view events. These packages cost more, no matter what company they are purchased through. Rural areas of the country also might not offer cable, so DIRECTV and its satellite competitors may be the only options that these customers have.


  1. hey marose, I made a comment na on Yuuki's contest, that I was referred by you :) goodluck!
    ps. I don't need to join di ba para magkapoints ka?

  2. hello josie, thanks for putting a comment, at least sana you make a post about the contest, dun ako magkakapoints.
    thanks. :)

  3. yeah you bet I keep repeat the cable tv show to watch so boring

  4. sana nga may ganyan din dito sa bundok namin :D

  5. wish may cable din kami. it's really nice to have cable tv. you can watch all those good movie they offer.

  6. I think to cut cable tv but family want to see


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