Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fourth Payment from PalmBux

I have not clicked religiously since November of last year. Actually, I didn't click for more than three months. When I got my internet connection back, I started clicking again but it was not on a daily basis. Good enough, I was still able to reach my fourth payment from Palmbux. This is one of the trusted PTC site next to Neobux.


  1. is nice to see another payment

  2. ohh super laki naman, every month $7 okay na din yan ha

  3. wow $7 is huge of amount for me, i want to try palmbux too. i hope i able to join this, ok ba ung mga ads nila dito sis? some ptc site ksi kokonti lang mga ads nila e.

  4. will be great get income every month.


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