Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Writers needed

Are you always looking for new opportunities to earn online? I found this new website called Ekikrat. This site is looking for writers who want to spend a few hours with the site and make money with it. Ekikrat is in their early stage but their aim is to everyone from India with high Quality information. It’s a site wherein you can share your knowledge and talent. Isn’t it fun? Doing something that you think you are good and at the same time being paid for it. Check out the site as early as now.


  1. Hello. :) oh, this is interesting. :)
    Thanks for the info sis. :)

    Happy Wednesday. ;)

  2. I checked their site and I can't find any information about the hiring/payment. Did you apply already? I'm interested in the editing stuff.

  3. I wonder if they will be accepting writers outside india in the future? It would be great if they would. I am fairly adept in writing articles using the english language and it wouldn't hurt if I can earn some money writing articles :)

  4. thanks for sharing .. is this for India only?

  5. Unlimited income - A job means that you can only make as much money as the boss allows you to. With your own business at home, you get to choose how much money you will make.

  6. Thanks for sharing. I'm trying to earn money online and hopefully with you and your blogs help I'll be able to be free from the corporate prison and work comfortably at home!

  7. I just started doing freelance writing gigs online, apart from my 8-5 job. The bidding system in most freelance sites, however, frustrates me. I would give Ekikrat a shot and see if I get better earnings.


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